Retreat For Mac Networking & IT Professionals Announced

As Apple increases its efforts to make further inroads into enterprise and other IT markets, a new retreat aimed at these professionals has been announced. MacRetreats, a subsidiary of Mactivity -- the company that manages the conference sessions at IDGis Macworld Expo events -- is announcing an event called the Mac Networkers Retreat. The event will be held in Santa Barbara this summer, between Appleis WWDC and the Boston Macworld Expo. From MacRetreats:

MacRetreats today announced the first Mac Networkers Retreat, a 3-day gathering of Mac Networking and IT professionals to be held July 7 - 9 on the campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara. Campers and counselors will move into the ocean-side dorms on the campus, attend lectures and workshops in the University lecture halls, eat meals together in the school cafeteria, and take part in late night discussion groups in the dormitory recreation rooms and lounges.

"Weive designed this event to do two things: Bring people the essential information they need to deal with networked Macs, and, do it in a way that facilitates learning different than online information access can provide,i said Schoun Regan, Counselor-in-Chief for the Mac Networkers Retreat. "Itis going to be half summer school, half summer camp - and a whole lot of fun."

The Retreat will feature a series of lectures, discussion groups and workshops covering topics of interest to Mac Network and IT Managers including:

  • Building Multiple Base Station Wireless Networks
  • Configuration and Management of Mac OS X Server and Xserve
  • Mac Network Performance Tuning and Security
  • Cross Platform Network Integration
  • Automation and Synchronization of Disks and Images
  • Mac Admin Beginners Bootcamp

Over 30 hours of instruction is planned for the 2 1/2 day Retreat with lectures and workshops being led by an impressive lineup of Camp Counselors - all experts in their field.

MacRetreats has priced the event at US$699, if participants register before June 1st, after which registration jumps to US$799. That price includes housing and meals, as well as access to all the events and activities of the retreat. You can find more information at the MacRetreats Web site.