Return To Dark Castle Demo Released

Z Sculpt Entertainment has released the demo for Return to Dark Castle. Return to Dark Castle is a side scrolling arcade game that adds to the old Dark Castle series with improvements such as the addition of color and a few other special effects like drop shadows and lighting effects. The game has been pushed back and pushed back, but is looking good to go on a spring or summer release. Developed by Zachary Black and Z Sculpt Entertainment, this little gem is similar to Ambrosia Softwareis Farazelis Wand. Here is the info provided with the demo:

The latest sequel in the Dark Castle series. It has all new levels, a bigger playing area, and the same great game play that you became addicted to in Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle.

This is a beta of the final demo. Here are some specials notes:
1) You do not lose lives in the Beta versions.
2) Scoring is not implemented.
3) Some levels are missing certain items, monsters, etc. They will be added in the next release.

To download the demo, head on over to MacGameFiles.