Reuters: Apple May Offer New RAM Based iPods

Many times have you heard us and others call Apple the bellwether of the computer industry. It is a title that Apple has earned, not through any one action or particular feat of its own, but due to the consistency of actions of others in the industry and those who watch and report those actions. In other words, Apple is the computer industry leader because everyone seems to think it is.

Want proof? Check out a recent article from Reuters News Service in which reporter Duncan Martell offers some interesting predictions of what Steve Jobs will talk about in next monthis Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The articleis chief prediction is that Mr. Jobs will offer a new line of cheaper iPods based on flash-RAM instead of small hard drives as found in the current models. From the Reuters News article, Apple seen unveiling lower-cost iPods -- analysts:

When Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs takes the stage at Macworld next month, analysts expect him to unveil smaller, cheaper iPods and hope he will detail the companyis strategy to move into the digital living room.

The lower-end iPods, which are expected to carry a price tag of about $100 (63 pounds) and will hold 400 to 800 songs, are a necessary answer to the bevy of MP3 digital music players now on the market that cost $100 or less, analysts said.

"Odds are itis a flash-memory-based player, something to position Apple against the low-cost offerings from Creative and Rio," said Rob Enderle, principal of market search firm the Enderle Group.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment on its plans for Macworld, traditionally a forum for the company to unveil its plans for new products.

You can read the full account at Reuters News.