Revolution 2.0 To Be Previewed At Macworld

Runtime Revolution will be previewing Revolution 2.0 at Macworld this week. Revolution is a cross-platform software development tool designed for creating applications for multiple platform deployment. The latest version features an integrated debugger and OS X Unix access. According to Runtime Revolution:

Runtime Revolution today announced a special preview of Revolution 2.0, the leading multi-platform development tool. Revolution developers, the press, and the public are invited to visit the Revolution at Macworld SF to see a demonstration of the new features, talk to the Revolution team, and check out some of the latest Made With Revolution applications.

Revolution 2.0 continues Runtime Revolutionis mission to deliver the best in easy, rapid application development. Version 2.0 builds on Revolutionis proven ease and power, bringing these major new features to Revolutionis developer community:

  • Access to OS Xis Unix underpinnings
  • Transcript Cookbook with many fully-annotated code examples
  • Unicode/Asian languages text entry and editing
  • Spreadsheet and table fields
  • XML library for creating and parsing XML documents
  • Automated report printing engine
  • All-new integrated debugger
  • More comprehensive SQL database support
  • Fully Perl-compatible regular expressions
  • MIDI music file creation and playing
  • Video capture and playback

You can find more information about the Runtime preview at the Runtime Revolution Web site or booth 3261 at Macworld.