Rewind Updated With Support For OS 8.1, OS X Coming

The good people of Power On Software have announced an update to Rewind, their recovery utility for the Mac. The new version includes new features, faster performance, and improved support for older versions of the Mac OS. In addition, the company reaffirms a future version for Mac OS X. According to Power On:

Power On Software, Inc. today announced that it has released a major update to Rewind, the winner of the Macworld Best of Show Award. You throw away a file by mistake. Then empty the trash. You install new software. Only to discover it created new glitches. Or worse, your entire system crashes. And even prayers canit resurrect your Mac from the dead. Well, itis time to stop worrying, and start Rewinding.

Rewind is continuous protection for your Mac. Unlike backups which only let you recover from your last backup (yesterday, last week, last month), Rewind protects everything, all the time.  Never lose a document again.

Rewind version 1.0.3 offers an array of performance enhancements, as well as new and improved features. Rewind rescues users from common disasters and mistakes, such as file corruption, accidentally deleted or overwritten files, newly discovered viruses, and just about any other software malady that can affect a user. Rewind is more current than backups and provides a greater safety net because of its ability to travel back to virtually any moment in time.

Rewind version 1.0.3 offers the following new features and improvements:

  • Compatible with Macintosh Operating Systems 8.1 and later
  • Adds support for disks and partitions as small as 200 megabytes
  • Rewind Disks function for restoring an entire diskis state to an earlier time has been revised and improved
  • Disk drive access issues have been virtually eliminated
  • Eliminated compatibility issues with Graphic Converter, Photoshop, Netscape, and Internet Explorer
  • Updated installer to offer both network and standalone installation
  • Improved performance

John Wallace, President of Power On Software, commenting on this update, noted "We have just completed a significant update to Rewind, the utility that lets users travel through time on their Macintosh, while protecting them against disasters and mistakes. In addition to improving functionality and performance, we have added several requested new features. We have also added support for systems as early as Mac OS 8.1, and although Rewind for OS X is not available yet, we have designed the product to be OS X compatible, and are excited to have the opportunity to be at the forefront of OS X development."

The update is free to registered users of Rewind. The full version is priced at US$99.95. You can find more information on the product at Power Onis Web site.