Rogue Amoeba Software Updates Audio Hijack Pro To Version 1.2.3

Rogue Amoeba Software, maker of such audio apps as MacAmp, GrayAMP, and Starfish Pro, has updated its Audio Hijack Pro audio recording utility to version 1.2.3. The company describes the software as a digital VCR for streaming content. The new version updates the Audio Hijack Server to 1.0.3, fixes many bugs, and sports a smaller memory footprint. From Rogue Amoeba:

Weive just released Audio Hijack Pro 1.2.3, a free update for all registered users. It features:

  • Updated Audio Hijack Server to v1.0.3, fixing problems with QuickTime
  • Smaller memory footprint
  • Many assorted bug fixes
  • Cool new version number

The Audio Hijack Pro update is available now for free to registered users. You can find more information on the product at Rogue Amoebais Web site. New users can download a fully-functional demo, or purchase a license for US$30.