Roland Demonstrates CD-2e CD/CD Recorder

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Roland demonstrated its new CD-2e during this weekis New Media Expo, a standalone recording and CD burning solution. The device can record and produce a CD-R/RW copy of that recording, and it includes a number of playback features and controls, as well.

Michael Barrett, Product Marketing Manager, took a few moments to tell us about this handy device.

The CD-2e is an all-in-one unit, with nothing else required to make a CD. It contains a high-quality stereo mic, stereo speakers, and a CD-R/RW drive in a slim case. No computer is required for any part of the creation process, from recording to CD burning. It is lightweight and battery-powered for mobile use. Under battery power, it can record and playback on SD card memory only, requiring the included AC adapter for CD writing and reading.

Roland CD-2e

The unit provides easy to use, simple CD recording for anyone. It is as easy to use as a cassette recorder. It includes a wireless remote control, so you can record from nearly any location. To help get started, it has a friendly LCD navigation by pressing the [EASY GUIDE] button. The available display languages are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

The CD-2e is a great tool for music lessons. It has A-B repeat, tempo change, pitch change, and more for music lessons. It has both a metronome and tuner for both acoustic and electric instruments. One can also use the CD-quality recording and playback for various educational needs. The CD-2e sports both line and mic level inputs, if youid rather not use the built-in mic.

The retail price of the CD-2e is US$749.