SCO To Linux Users: Your Bill Is In The Mail

In case you havenit gotten your fill of SCO related news, hereis a bit more that should keep you shaking your head. C|Net is reporting that SCO intends to send out invoices for license fees to corporate Linux users some time this month. From the article, SCO to Send Out Linux Licenses:

The Lindon, Utah-based company announced in August that it wants corporations to buy Unix licenses for using the similar Linux operating system, asking $699 for a single-processor Linux server. But Tuesday, SCO spokesman Blake Stowell said the company will begin the more active approach of sending invoices requesting payment to commercial Linux users, "probably some time this month."

Sending invoices, while a more-aggressive move, still stops short of the kind of legal action the company has threatened before. In July, SCO Chief Executive Darl McBride described the licensing program as "a solution that...gets you square with the use of Linux, without having to go to the courtroom."

SCO will pursue commercial Linux users who have discussed their Linux work publicly, Stowell said. However, it wonit take action until itis done more research on those businesses, he added.

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