SQLiteManager, Fullscreen Movie Player, Desktop Movie Player, Stock Investment Guide, Mail Factory,

Todayis Shareware Update roundup features SQLabsi SQLiteManager 1.2, Monkeybread Softwareis Fullscreen Movie Player 2.2 and Desktop Movie Player 2.2, Churr Softwareis Stock Investment Guide 1.5.5, BeLight Softwareis Mail Factory 1.3, Jonathan Nathanis Jonis Phone Tool 2.1 and Hamrick Softwareis VueScan 8.0.15.

SQLabs has updated its SQLiteManager software to version 1.2. SQLiteManager is a database management tool for SQLite databases that allows you to create and browse tables, indexes and views, manage table records, and more. The new version adds the ability to add and drop columns from existing tables, updates the documentation, and fixes various bugs. SQLiteManager 1.2 is available for both the Mac OS and Windows for US$39. A demo is available.

Monkeybread Softwareis Fullscreen Movie Player and Desktop Movie Player have each been upgraded to version 2.2. The applications do exactly as their names imply, letting you run Quicktime movies in fullscreen, or use a Quicktime movie as your desktop, respectively. Fullscreen Movie Player 2.2 now checks subfolders, searches folders recursively, and has a few minor bugfixes. Desktop Movie Player 2.2 features all of that plus better Expose handling. Both applications are available now for free from Monkeybread Software.

Churr Software has updated its Stock Investment Guide to version 1.5.5. Stock Investment Guide bills itself as the only cross-platform solution for stock investment clubs, and ca read and write SSG files, plot data on a graph, automatically update a stockis 52-week high and low prices, and more. The new version corrects some minor bugs and tweaks some interface components. Stock Investment Guide is available now for US$39.95 from Churr Software. A free demo is available.

BeLight Softwareis Mail Factory, an application to design and print envelopes, address labels and shipping labels, has been updated to version 1.3. The new version adds the ability to take addresses from Microsoft Excel, vCards, text files, and tab-delimited text files, integrate with Appleis iPhoto and Address Book, as well as Microsoft Entourage, Eudora, and Now Contact. Mail Factory 1.3 is available as US$29.95 shareware, or you can buy it on a CD for US$38.95.

Jonathan Nathan has released version 2.1 of Jonis Phone Tool. Jonis Phone Tool is a scriptable utility to let you dial many different kinds of phones, such as a regular analog phone, a cellular phone with BlueTooth, a PBX phone, or even VoIP services like Vonage. Version 2.1 of the software improves BlueTooth dialing, adds support for Skype and CallVantage, adds a feature that lets you disable call-waiting for a call by holding down the shift key while dialing, or disabling caller ID by holding down the control key, and more. Jonis Phone Tool is available as US$12 shareware for OS X 10.2 and later.

Hamrick Software has updated its VueScan software to version 8.0.15. The new version of the scanning software adds support for the Epson 2480/2580, 43 models of HP OfficeJet/PSC, the Plustek OpticFilm 7200 and the Microtek i900 scanners, improves automatic white balance, and adds many other improvements while fixing bugs. VueScan is available in a Standard Edition for US$59.95 or a Professional Edition for US$79.95. A demo is also available.