Safari, Firefox Usage on the Rise, Hit High Point

Safari and Firefox took back a little of the Web browser market form Internet Explorer in September, and are showing their highest numbers of the year. Safari maintained its ongoing third place position, but with 3.53 percent of the browser market. Firefox, still in second place, climbed up to 12.46 percent, and Internet Explorer dipped again down to 82.10 percent, according to statistics from Market Share.

Compared to prior months, September showed a more significant change in browser usage. Safari has been showing a decline since June, when it help 3.19 percent of the market. Septemberis numbers but Safari at its highest for the year, and Internet Explorer at its lowest.

The statistics also show Safari and Firefox to be at their highest percentage of the market since TMO started tracking the numbers in January 2005, and Internet Explorer is now at its lowest overall ranking.