Safari Ready to Go Turbo

Appleis Safari Web browser may see a significant performance boost in the near future. If current builds of WebKit -- the core technology behind Safari -- are any indication, users can expect to see dramatic speed improvements in Safari once an update is officially released, according to Computerworld.

Computerworldis Seth Weintraub stated "There is no other way to say it. Holy cow is this thing fast! I am currently testing Webkit build r30090 (more recent versions are now there) against standard Leopard Safari 3.04. This unoptimized WebKit build version is running circles around the standard Safari browser. It isnit even close."

As a bonus, when the new WebKit makes it into useris hands, it likely wonit have a major impact on processor usage. The unoptimized pre-release version available now is having very little effect on processor usage, and that will only improve when an optimized version is available.

For end users, this means the Safari Web browsing experience is about to get even more pleasant, and a whole lot faster, too.