Safari Tops 5 Percent in September

Appleis Safari Web browser is maintaining a steady market share climb, and in September managed to jump up over the five percent mark. Firefox was on the upswing, and both browsers seem to be gaining market share at Microsoft Internet Exploreris expense.

Safari hit a previous high in May with 4.82 percent, but dropped in June down to 4.49 percent, according to data from Market Share. Appleis Web browser has been climbing steadily ever since, and in September hit 5.07 percent.

Firefox has been on the rise for the past few months, too, and in September hit 14.88 percent -- also a new high.

While Safari and Firefox have been grabbing more of the Web browser market, Internet Explorer has been dropping. September marks the first month Microsoftis dominant Web browser dropped below 78 percent at 77.86 percent.

Web browser statistics may not always offer a completely accurate representation of how many people are using a specific application, the trends seem to be showing that interest in Internet Explorer is slowly dropping while the popularity of Safari and Firefox are growing. Now that Safari is also available for Windows user, albeit in a beta form for now, Appleis Web browser may start to gain popularity at a quicker pace.