Safari Welcomes Safari Users: Really!

Now, hereis a bit of useless info that will give you yet one more chance to marvel at Appleis attention to detail and say, "Cool!" This one is related to Safari, the companyis new Web browser. Safari was released at Macworld San Francisco 2003, and is currently in Beta. According to an announcement from Apple yesterday, there have been more than 1 million copies of the software downloaded.

In an attempt to build up awareness of Safari, Safari users who visit Appleis main Web page are greeted with a little Safari logo and a, "Welcome Safari User" greeting. Visitors not using Safari are not greeted with special welcome message. A screen shot, for your viewing entertainment:

Click the thumbnail for a larger image

To see the badge yourself, go to Appleis home page with Safari. You can find more information and download links for Safari at the companyis Safari Web page.