San Jose Mercury News Reviews 12" PowerBook

The San Jose Mercury News has published a look at four different laptops, including Appleis popular 12" PowerBook, in a piece titled "Four slim models exemplify laptop fashion." The newspaper offers a look at the Sony Vaio V505, IBMis ThinkPad T40, and the Sharp Actius MM10, as well as Appleis unit. John Fortt, who often covers Apple related issues for the newspaper, supplied the review of the PowerBook, which included a brief mention of the MHz Myth. From the article:

The PowerPC-based chips Apple uses in its computers have traditionally been more efficient than Intel chips, and that has meant that Apple laptops with lower megahertz have had multimedia power while still providing better battery life. But that might be changing.

Apple laptops arenit getting worse, but Intel-based models, like the ThinkPad T40, are getting a lot better thanks to Intelis Centrino technology. Suddenly IBM -- a manufacturer not known for focusing on design -- is making inch-thin laptops with better battery life than Appleis.

That said, this PowerBook still has its advantages. The Mac OS X software for managing music and photos, editing movies and authoring DVDs is some of the best available. Mac OS 10.2.3 makes it very easy to connect to most Windows and Mac networks, search for files and surf the Web.

He goes on to discuss the shorter battery life in more detail, as well as other areas. You can read the full article at the San Jose Mercury Newsi Web site.