Sanho's HyperDrive Mini Backs Up Flash Cards to its HD

LAS VEGAS -- Sanho has updated its original HyperDrive HD80 with the new HyperDrive Mini, which looks a little like an iPod. The device, available in white or black, enables users to back up files from eight different types of flash storage cards to its hard drive. It can transfer data at a speed of 16MB per second, which the company said allows backing up a 1GB card in less than two minutes.

The HyperDrive Mini features a rechargeable battery and can connect to a computer via USB 2.0. It also doubles as an audio player compatible with the MP3 and WMA formats. Storage capacity, pricing and a ship date were not available, and a product page is not yet up on the Sanho Web site. A company representative said that the model shown in the image below was a prototype.

The HyperDrive Mini