Sapphire Announces ‘Sapphire Custom Shapes Vol 3’ And ‘Nozzles Pack 3’

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Sapphire Innovations has announced release of volume 3 of their collection of custom shapes for Photoshop 6 and a new version of Nozzles Pack. Both are designed for use by creative graphics artists and designers. According to Sapphire Innovations:

The Custom Shapes, Vol 3 offers 1000 new shapes in a variety of different styles with a huge number of rows/columns/finelines/circular frames/rectangular frames/frames/general shapes that can be used with perfect effect in conjunction with layer effects; combined to create new unique shapes; and warped or transformed to provide a distorted view or apply perspective. They can also be used as web elements.

The Nozzles Pack 3 offers 100 new royalty-free nozzle files for Painter related products. This set comes with a variety of shape, style, and colour. These nozzles can be used in a variety of effects within painter as well as used in the brushes, as a template for your own brush effects, or patterns or textures.

Sapphire Custom Shapes 3 is available for PC & Mac and is priced at US$26. Nozzles Pack 3 is available for NT , 95, 98, ME, and Mac, and is priced at US$16. Demois of each can be found at the Sapphire Innovations home page. Questions about either product may be addresses to the sales department.

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