Sawtooth Upgrades From XLR8

XLR8 is now shipping processor upgrades for G4 Sawtooth owners. The Sawtooth upgrade is designed to enhance a useris processing speed up to 55%. The upgrade swaps the CPU on the original processor card so entire system changes arenit necessary. According to XLR8:

XLR8, an established leader in Macintosh expansion products and upgrades, is now accepting on-line orders from Power Macintosh G4 owners to upgrade their G4 processor card to 550 MHz performance.

This program allows the “once blocked” owners of Sawtooth class Power Macintosh G4 systems (systems shipping after December 2, 1999) to achieve a significant jump in speed without changing systems. These upgrades deliver as much as a 55% performance increase, allowing users to achieve the greater than 500 MHz requirements for real time effects in Final Cut Pro.

550 MHz G4 Sawtooth Upgrade – Selected Highlights:

  • G4 System Owners Can Now Upgrade: XLR8 is providing an exclusive program for the “Sawtooth” users. The program swaps the CPU on the original processor card
  • Super Performance without Changing Systems: Users get additional performance without the problems associated with changing systems. They simply plug in the upgrade card and go
  • 100% Uptime Exchange Program: For users needing 100% uptime, XLR8 offers a special “Advance Ship Program” allowing users to exchange their current card for a previously upgraded unit

You can find more information about the Sawtooth G4 upgrades at the XLR8 Web site. The Sawtooth upgrade is available for US$299.00.