Scatter Plug-In For Photoshop

Andromeda Software , Inc. has released a new plug-in for Photoshop users, the Andromeda ScatterLight Lenses Professional. The filters are designed for graphic artists needing scattered highlights that mimic real photo lenses. According to Andromeda Software:

Introducing a NEW PhotoshopTM compatible plug-in, Andromeda ScatterLight LensesTM Professional digital lenses for scattering highlights

ScatterLight Lenses, a new and revolutionary plug-in, offers Professional digital lenses for scattering highlights.

It has 4 main categories:

  • DreamOptics Lenses for glows
  • SoftFocus Lenses for portraiture
  • SoftDiffuser Lenses for mist and fog
  • StarLight Lenses for glints, sparks and flares

You can find more information about the Andromeda ScatterLight Lenses Professional release at the Andromeda Software, Inc. Web site. Andromeda ScatterLight Lenses Professional is available for US$88.00.