Scheduler 4.0 Now Shipping has released a new version of Scheduler, bringing it to version 4.0. Scheduler is a scheduling utility designed for anywhere from appointments to AppleScripting tasks. The latest release features several enhancements including a new interface and search tools. According to is proud to announce that has released version 4.0 of our all-around scheduling utility only available on the Mac, despite many requests to port it to Windows (which we politely refuse).

Selected new features:

  • Search tool to quickly find your events on the Schedule Manager window
  • Hierarchical sorting can now be toggled on and off, so that you can quickly sort your scheduled events by its title or by its due date and time alone, without losing the group (folder) hierarchy you created on the Scheduler Manager window
  • Improved Sound Manager
  • Improved Hotkeys Manager
  • Optional deferment of scheduled events
  • Improved user interface and under-the-hood finetuning and several bug fixes make this version even more user-friendly and reliable

You can find more information about the latest Scheduler release at the Web site. Scheduler is available for US$20.00.