Scott Knaster Releases New Book, "Hacking iPod + iTunes"

Scott Knaster, author of 11 books about computers and technology, has released his newest book, Hacking iPod + iTunes. The book explores tips and tricks relating to Appleis iPod and iTunes software, such as how to put email, news headlines, and driving directions onto your iPod. From Scott Knaster:

Veteran Macintosh expert Scott Knaster announces the release of his newest book, Hacking iPod + iTunes, published under the ExtremeTech imprint of John Wiley & Sons (ISBN: 0-7645-6984-8). The book is filled with tips and hints for using Appleis iPod to play music and do much more, and reveals many little-known secrets about iTunes software for Macintosh and Windows.

Written in Knasteris trademark precise but lighthearted style, the book also supplies detailed information about iPod accessories and resources for getting the most out of the iPod, iTunes, and the iTunes Music Store.

Some of the tweaks Knaster explains include how to download e-mail, news headlines, and driving directions to an iPod, view the songs on an iPod from the Finder without any additional software, and even how to fully replace the iPod main menu with your own.

Knaster demonstrates how to save streaming music into the iTunes library and various ways to play music wirelessly on a home stereo system. The book includes a chapter about getting the most out of the iTunes Music Store and an extensive list of sources for free legal music downloads.

Knaster tries out a diverse and eclectic assortment of third-party accessories and describes advantages of various wireless transmitters, microphones, and headphones.

"The term hacking has gotten a bad reputation," says Knaster. "Many people think of hacking as something evil, exploitative and criminal. In this book, we hack iPod and iTunes by prodding, poking and playing with them. Thereis plenty of depth and power for curious folks to investigate."

Knaster continues, "This book is for you if youire comfortable with the basic features of your iPod and iTunes and youire interested in finding out more about what they can do. I donit assume any particular technical knowledge or geeky skill."

Hacking iPod + iTunes is available now.