Screen Saver Creating For Flash MX

ScreenTime Media has released a new app for Flash users, ScreenTime for Flash v.2. ScreenTime for Flash is a screen saver utility designed for custom creation of Flash based screen savers. The app, designed for Flash MX, features one-click installer creation and custom interfaces. According to ScreenTime Media:

ScreenTime Media, the leading provider of professional screen saver creation tools for business and designers, today announced the release of ScreenTime for Flash version 2. The new version of ScreenTime for Flash is the first and only screen saver creation tool to support native Flash MX playback on Macintosh operation systems including OS X.

Other new features include creation of one-click installers for Mac OS 8 & 9 or X and integration of all screen savers into a single control panel with full preview capability. ScreenTime screen savers can also include dynamic content from the Web, links to websites, xml data streams and full interactivity.

Features in ScreenTime for Flash version 2 for Macintosh include:

  • Support for Mac OS 8.6, 9, and X
  • Flash MX native playback does not use QuickTime providing higher performance and better Flash compatibility
  • Creates a one-click installer, which installs the screen saver, sets it as default and opens the screen saver control panel
  • Support for Flash MX, Actionscript, live XML feeds, dynamic content and interactivity
  • Customize interface for installer and screen saver
  • Creates and installs a single integrated ScreenTime screen saver Control Panel for OS 8 & 9 Savers
  • Supports standard OSX screen saver

You can find more information about the ScreenTime for Flash release at the ScreenTime Media Web site. ScreenTime for Flash v.2 is available starting at US$199.00.