Screensaver Application Updated

Xochi Media has updated their multi-purpose screensaver application, iScreensaver Toolkit, to version 1.6. The iScreensaver Toolkit allows users to create their own screensaver modules using QuickTime movies or images, and also allows users to share their modules with others over the Internet. According to Xochi Media:

Xochi Media is proud to announce the availability of version 1.6 of iScreensaver Toolkit for Macintosh.

Version 1.6 includes performance and stability enhancements, and is recommended for all users of Mac OS 9. A version for Mac OS X will be forthcoming.

Due to a long-standing bug in the "Instant Palm Desktop" extension, all users of Palm software are advised to upgrade to the latest version, found at

iScreensaver is the only dual-purpose screensaver software on the market. As a personal screensaver, the software lets you add photos, movies, Macromedia Flash files and QuickTime Movies to create your own customized savers. As a toolkit, the software will build user-friendly installer files to share your customized screensavers via the Internet. These installers are self-contained, easy to use, and completely royalty-free.

The basic version of iScreensaver is available for free, while a fully functional version is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Xochi Media Web site.