Screenshots, Mac OS X Style

I take so many screenshots for articles and books that I need the raw horse power that Ambrosia Softwareis Snapz Pro X offers. But for everyone that doesnit need the customization features that SnapZ Pro X offers, the built-in screenshot utility in Mac OS X works just fine.

Full Screen Taking a screenshot of your Desktop is easy, just use the Command-Shift-3 keyboard shortcut. Multiple monitors arenit a problem since youill get a file for each display.

Screen Section If you want to take a screenshot of only part of your Desktop, like maybe an area that shows a window and an icon, use the Command-Shift-4 keyboard shortcut. Your Cursor will change to a cross-hair - just click and drag to highlight the portion of your screen you need a picture of.

Screen Object Getting a screenshot of an object on your screen, like a window or menu, is pretty easy, too. Start with the Command-Shift-4 key combination, then press the space bar. Your cursor changes into a camera, and highlights objects as you roll over them. Hover over the object you want a picture of, and then click your mouse.

Mac OS X 10.4 saves screenshots as PNG files, Mac OS X 10.3 saves them as PDF. If you would rather save the screenshot to your Clipboard for use in another application, add the Control key to any of these keyboard combinations.

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