Script Software Updates Easy Card Creator With Several Fixes

Script Software has released an update for Easy Card Creator, bringing it to version 2.3.1. Easy Card Creator is a card creation app designed for making greeting cards. The update features several bug fixes and the addition of a progress dialog. According to Script Software:

Easy Card Creator updated to 2.3.1:

Create greeting cards this holiday season with Easy Card Creator for Mac OS X. Its simple to use your own digital pictures to create attractive and personal cards. Easy Card can also create envelopes that can be printed out, cut and folded and hold the cards perfectly for mailing.

Latest Changes in Version 2..3.1:

  • [bug] Changing the caption status no longer forces the card to be updated
  • [bug] Fixed a bug that prevented some older templates from opening
  • [bug] Fixed a bug with eMail storage system
  • [bug] Fixed the bug that prevented the caption from being changed
  • [bug] The AOL setting now works again
  • [mod] Can now cope with a corrupted e-mail database
  • [mod] Changing the caption status now correctly updates the interface

You can find more information about the Easy Card Creator update at the Script Software Web site. The Easy Card Creator update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$30.00.