Seagate Adds 400GB HD; Focuses on Consumer Fears

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Hard disk drive manufacturer Seagate Technology LLC announced Wednesday a new external 400 gigabyte (GB) hard drive that tackles what the company believes are a number of consumer demands to make hard drives simpler and easier to use.

The new drive -- retailing for US$389.00 -- features a one-button backup feature that enables Mac or PC users to save content from an internal hard drive quickly and easily. The drive uses BounceBack Express software from CMS Products, company spokesman John Paulsen told TMO Wednesday.

In addition, Mr. Paulsen said Seagate did extensive consumer research that showed computer users wanted a simple solution that was easy to use.

"Focus groups told us they were uncomfortable with external hard drives and they wanted something that was easy," Mr. Paulsen told TMO. "They asked to have something that had a on/off switch on the front because they were concerned that they needed to shut off the drive before they disconnected it. To some this might seem like a small thing, but we found users wanted it.

The Seagate 400GB External Hard Drive

Another new feature consumers asked for: a interlocking system to stack hard drives. Users can now stack multiple Seagate drives horizontally, or place the drive vertically on a non-slip rubber platform.

The drive has two USB 2.0 and Firewire connectors and users can plug and unplug the drive without turning off the computer.

The new drive joins a family of 200 and 300GB drives. Seagate also manufacturers 160GB and 250GB models in USB 2.0 only without backup software.