Seagate Announces New Storage Devices

Seagate announced several products along with updated versions of the Mirra Sync and Share Personal Server, and the Pocket Drive on Wednesday. The Mirra Sync and Share Personal Server adds Macintosh compatibility, folder download and photo slideshow features, secure remote access, and more. The 250GB model is priced at US$399.99, and the 400GB model is $499.99. Both will be available in June.

The new 8GB Pocket Drive includes a USB 2.0 interface with a retractable cable, a 3600RPM drive with 2MB cache. It will be available in July for $149.

Seagate also announced the immediate availability of its 750GB Pushbutton Backup Hard Drive and eSATA External Hard Drives.

The 750GB Pushbutton Backup offers a USB 2.0 and FireWire connection, and includes the cables, power supply and backup software. Once configured, you can start a backup by pushing a button on the front of the drive. It is priced at $559.

The eSATA External Hard Drive is available in 300GB and 500GB capacities, offers data throughput speeds up to 3Gb/sec, and includes a PCI adapter card. The 300GB model costs $269, and the 500GB model is $399.