Secure Instant Messaging Beta Released From Glass Bead

Glass Bead Software has released a beta version of SnapTalk 3. SnapTalk is an instant messaging app designed to be more secure than external server based messaging solutions. SnapTalk connects users directly together over LAN or internet lines and bypasses unsecure remote servers. According to Glass Bead Software:

Glass Bead Software today released the public beta for SnapTalk 3, its secure chat and file transfer software. The public beta is the first release of SnapTalk for Appleis most advanced operating system, Mac OS X, and is fully compatible with existing Mac OS 8 or later.

SnapTalk 3 enables two-way chat over a LAN or the Internet. The software also offers sophisticated archiving features, and encrypted, secure, messaging. Rounding out the feature list is SnapTalk 3is drag-and-drop file transfer system, which automatically compresses files before theyire sent, for faster transfers.

SnapTalk 3 is more reliable and secure than common messaging solutions like AOL Instant Messenger because it connects users directly, rather than requiring an external server out on the Internet. Additionally, the software works on a LAN without requiring an Internet connection, and on secure firewalled networks.

You can find more information about the beta release of SnapTalk 3 at the Glass Bead Software Web site.