Secure Instant Messaging Updated For OS X

Glass Bead Software has released an OS X version of SnapTalk 3. SnapTalk is an instant messaging app designed to be more secure than external server based messaging solutions. SnapTalk connects users directly together over LAN or Internet lines and bypasses unsecure remote servers. According to Glass Bead Software:

Glass Bead Software releases SnapTalk 3 for OS X. This release offers secure encrypted messaging over TCP/IP as well as AppleTalk networks for the professional work environment.

Glass Beadis secure instant messaging and file transfer/compression software, SnapTalk 3, now runs native over Apple(R)is most advanced operating system, Macinstosh OS X, and is fully compatible with existing Macintosh(R) OS 8.1 and OS
9. For just under $19/user, SnapTalk 3 connects via AppleTalk(R) and/or over TCP/IP allowing for the flexibility and speed demanded by todayis Macintosh networks. Educational and non-profit pricing is also available.

New features include:

  • Encryption to keep discussions and files secure when sent over the Internet
  • Ability to drag, drop and transfer entire folders as well as files
  • Automatic compression for all attachments for faster file transfers
  • Quick reply sets that allow unlimited customizable responses
  • Two separate lines for simultaneous conversations
  • Groups for quick messages to multiple people
  • Sophisticated archiving that enables dialogue to be titled, dated, and reopened for continuation at a later date
  • A iWhile You Were Outi log to see who called when you were away
  • Ability to send hot-linked URLs that open up a web browser when double clicked
  • Timestamps for easy referencing of messages
  • Intuitive user interface for easy menu navigation

You can find more information about the OS X release of SnapTalk 3 at the Glass Bead Software Web site. Deployment licenses start at US$47.50