Secure Some E-Privacy: NetShred From Mireth Tech Released

The Mireth Technology Corporation has released an upgrade of NetShred, bringing it to version 2.0. NetShred is an internet privacy utility designed to prevent a history trail being created in a users browser. The new version has Eudora 5.0 support and a n improved interface. According to The Mireth Corporation:

The Mireth Technology Corporation has released version 2.0 of the NetShred - the internet privacy utility. NetShred is a software utility that securely deletes files you created when using the internet. Each time it is run, NetShred shreds web browser cache, browser history files and email trash.

It supports several web browsers and email applications, and can be run either manually or automatically (when you quit from your browser or email application, or when you shutdown your computer.) NetShred also supports Netscape profiles and will find cache files that are not in the default location.

Version 2.0 provides support for Eudora 5.0 and a new setup application which provides an improved configuration interface.

You can find more information about the NetShred upgrade at the Mireth Technology Corporation Web site. NetShred 2.0 is available for US$15.00.