Secure Your shuffle in an iVault

If youire willing to spend up to 30% of the cost of your iPod shuffle to protect it, the new Griffin iVault will do so in style. The iVault is an aluminum case that encloses the iPod shuffle while still allowing access to the control wheel, audio jack, on switch, LED, and USB port.

The front and back of the iVault is joined together by four small screws, meaning it offers first-rate protection but not without a price: an included USB cable must be used in order to connect the shuffle to a computer. That means youill have to carry the cable with you whenever you wish to use the iPod shuffle as a flash drive or want to update songs on the go.

The iVault will be available in May for $29.95 in four colors: silver, blue, purple, and red. Pre-orders are currently being taken.