SecuriKey Pro Offers Cross-Platform Security

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Griffin Technologies announced Thursday the release of SecuriKey Professional Edition, a cross-platform version of its computer security system, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. SecuriKey is a dongle-based security device that makes it possible to lock a computer by removing the dongle, and Professional Edition allows users to use the same dongle, or token, for both Macs and Windows PCs.

"Businesspeople and other professionals are increasingly subject to computing environments where both PCs and Macs are in use. Many people use both kinds of computers interchangeably," said Bennett Griffin, president and founder of Griffin Technologies, in a statement. "By offering SecuriKey Professional Edition, we are giving these cross-platform users the flexibility they need to secure applications and operating system access on all popular types of computers, all in one convenient package."

SecuriKey allows multiple users to create separate accounts, and the software side of the system makes it possible to simply lock out other users from accessing specific files and/or applications.

Griffin Technologies, not to be confused with Mac and iPod peripheral maker Griffin Technology, introduced the first Mac version of the product in October of 2004.

SecuriKey Professional Edition ships with two tokens for US$129, and additional USB tokens are available for $49.95. You can find more information about the product at Griffin Technologiesi Web site, and the company has a booth at CES.