Seiko Expands Smart Label Printer Line

Seiko Instruments on Tuesday introduced three new Smart Label Printers (SLP) that support Mac users, which the company said is a first for that product line. The company will ship the SLP 410, 420 and 430 in July for US$99, $129 and $179, respectively.

Seikois SLP devices enable users to produce one label at a time, with a SmartCapture feature that grabs text from Microsoft Word, Outlook, Palm Desktop or other applications and sends it straight to the printer. Each device comes with USB and serial ports. The 410 and the 420 can both produce a label in about eight seconds, but the 420 can accommodate paper as wide as 2 1/8-inch while the 410 is limited to paper 1 1/8-inch wide. The 430 can handle the same paper width as the 420 but can print a label in about three seconds.

Mac OS X v10.2 and a G3 or G4 processor are required.

Seiko said it will have the new label printeres on display at its booth at the Macworld Conference & Expo in Boston, which begins July 11 at the Hynes Convention Center.