Send E-mail Directly From FileMaker

Comm-Unity Networking Systems has updated their FileMaker 4 plug-in, SMPTit, to version 2.5. Using SMTPit, users can send e-mail directly from FileMaker 4.x or 5.x without using any helper application. According to Comm-Unity Networking:

Comm-Unity Networking Systems announces the release of SMTPit 2.5, for FileMaker Pro 4.x and 5.x for both Macintosh and Windows Platforms.

SMTPit is a very flexible FileMaker plug-in that allows you to send email directly from FileMaker without the aid of any helper applications. To use it, all you will need is an email address, an SMTP server, and FileMaker Pro 4.x or 5.x.

You can easily integrate SMTPit into your existing solutions. A basic knowledge of FileMaker Scripting is needed, however, the documentation for SMTPit covers how to use FileMaker Plug-ins, and more specifically, how to use the SMTPit plug-in.

Jake Traynham, company owner, states that "We are very pleased to officially release SMTPit 2.5 to the public. It has been in beta for the past two weeks, and although there has been a few minor bug fixes, it has been well received."

Possible Uses of SMTPit:
Because SMTPit enables you to send email directly from FileMaker, the possibilities are countless. You can use SMTPit to send personalized email newsletters, respond to inquiries from the web, or even integrate it into POS solutions. Because SMTPit gives you extensible features like Email Headers and Footers, and new HTML support, you can have an even greater control over the messages that you can send.

Features of SMTPit

  • SMTPit supports normal email fields such as To, CC, BCC, From, Subject, and Body.
  • SMTPit adds support for unique Header and Footer fields in the Plain Text Body and HTML Body of your email messages.
  • SMTPit adds the ability to append to all email fields, including the Headers and Footers, with the exception of the From field.
  • SMTPit allows you to include extra Email Headers, such as "X-Mailer: SMTPit", with your email messages.
  • SMTPit allows you to attach files to your emails.
  • SMTPit now allows you to create HTML Emails complete with inline graphic images.

SMTPit is available for US$65. You can find more information at the Comm-Unity Networking Systems web site.