Send Windows Media, Real, More to AirPort Express

Rogue Amoeba has announced the release of Airfoil (originally announced as Slipstream), an app that allows Mac users to send audio from third party applications through Appleis AirPort Express. For instance, users can broadcast content from Windows Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime Player, your browser, or other applications to remote speakers that are connected to AirPort Express.

AirPort Express is Appleis portable AirPort base station that can also be used throughout a house or office to bridge existing networks and to broadcast to remote, powered speakers and stereos. It is this later feature that Airfoil extends, because Apple only provides the ability to play music remotely through iTunes. Airfoil makes it possible to use any third party app for remote broadcasts.

Another feature of Airfoil is to allow local (i.e. through the speakers connected to your Mac, or your Macis internal speakers) playback of the same content that is being broadcast remotely. The company said that Airfoil can also be used to transmit iTunes audio which has been enhanced by audio plugins such as Octivis Volume Logic.

Airfoilis Interface

You can find more information and download links for Airfoil at Rogue Amoebais Web site. Airfoil is priced at US$20 in March, and will be priced at $25 thereafter. The company offers a demo of the product that adds white noise to broadcasts longer than 10 minutes.