Seybold Sees The Release Of MassTransit Enterprise 4.0

Group Logic has updated their application for handling the network workflow of graphic designers and producers, MassTransit Enterprise. MassTransit 4.0 allows users to easily share files over a network via a simple Web browser interface, allowing work groups to be more efficient. According to Group Logic:

Group Logic, the leading vendor of network workflow software and services to the print media industry, announced today that it has released version 4.0 of its MassTransit Enterprise file transfer, remote proofing, and remote workflow software for beta testing by leading print media companies. The new product will be demonstrated at booth #2028 at Seybold Seminars in Boston next week. General availability is scheduled for May.

A valuable new feature of MassTransit Enterprise version 4.0 is its Web browser plug-in for file transfer. This new MassTransit "Web client" eliminates existing barriers to exchanging graphic arts files via a Web browser by providing extremely easy-to-use, drag-and-drop transfer of files and folders using the Web browser. Additional benefits include multiple simultaneous file and folder transmission, automatic file compression/decompression, Macintosh folder hierarchy and file integrity protection, and cross-platform transfer. The Web client is compatible with Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer and runs on the Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

MassTransit Enterprise is a turnkey software solution for managing the flow of high-value-added digital assets between buyers of print media and producers of print media. The product uses the Internet and other IP networks to transfer digital files and remote proofs between remote locations. It offers users and administrators extreme ease of use and provides highly automated, customizable workflows, as well as valuable business tools, including comprehensive logging and tracking and e-mail notification. The product is designed for publishers, corporate marketing and advertising departments, printers, and prepress companies who want to reduce costs and time to market while adding value to their services.

The new product is designed to enhance the high return on investment MassTransit has always offered. In addition to its unique, new Web file transfer features, version 4.0 offers a new bandwidth management capability that can control the total bandwidth used for digital file transfer, leaving capacity for other applications, such as e-mail and Web browsing. The bandwidth management feature also allows control over the allocation of total available bandwidth among simultaneous transfers, so that more bandwidth can be given to higher priority transfers.

The new version also enables users to interface MassTransit Enterpriseis transaction log with any Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)-compatible database, including billing, accounting, and shop floor management systems. This compatibility supports customer billing, internal cost management, contract negotiation, and resource planning.

Version 4.0 offers a number of additional features, including enhancements for Internet security, firewall compatibility, XML integration, Windows NT support, remote proofing and remote workflow enhancements, system administration, and more.

MassTransit 4.0 is expected to be available this summer. You can find more information at the Group Logic Web site.