Shadowbane Update

Wolfpack Studios, a God Games Developer, has updated the information on their upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Fantasy Role Playing Game (MMOFRPG) title, Shadowbane. The items they have updated include:

  • Sneak Peek of our first Beta World, "Aerynth"
  • Details on the first 8 Safeholds (GM-Run Cities)
  • Hypothetical Examples of Player Kingdoms as they change over time
  • Information on Guild Formation and Leadership
  • Coat of Arms Examples
  • Guild Titles and Ranks
  • Kingdoms, Provinces, and City-States
  • City Building and Defenses
  • ... and Screenshots of how player decisions change the Political Landscape over time!

For those who have not been following the developments of this impressive game, Shadowbane is an MMOFRPG that allows players to get involved with the ever evolving world of Shadowbane on an unprecedented level. Playing Solo is a good way to get killed, and forgotten. Join up with massive guilds, build cities, go to war against other powers in a constant struggle for supremacy. This fantasy gameis goal is to create an "alternate reality" in the same way that Everquest has for thousands of dedicated players, and from what we have seen it is shaping up to be powerful competition for the other popular online RPGs out there. Due for release this year, there is still no firm release date on the title.