Shake Your Groove Thang: A New Disco Themed Game From Kewlbox

Blockdot has released an new game for Mac users, Harvey Wallbanger. Harvey Wallbanger is a game set in the wild world of the disco nightlife. The game features over 100 clubs in 3D, as well as dance moves and Pina Coladas. According to Blockdot:

Harvey Wallbanger - A New Game from

Can you dig it? Our newest game is probably the strangest thing we have ever released. You’re in a wild, 3D disco and you need to make your way through the club, picking up dancers, jumping to different levels, and trying to keep yourself from falling off the edge. Pick up a Pina Colada and double your points. Whoooowie, well kiss my grits!

You can find more information about Harvey Wallbanger at the Kewlbox Web site. Harvey Wallbanger is available as freeware.