Shapiro Shipping Photoshop Plug-In

Shapiro Consulting Group, Inc. has released a new plug-in, Asiva Sharpen+Soften. Asiva Sharpen+Soften is a Photoshop plug-in designed for digital image manipulation. The plug-in supports16-bit and CMYK files and features a sampler tool for color range selection. According to Shapiro Consulting Group:

Shapiro Consulting Group, Inc., of Austin, Texas, has announced the official release of its revolutionary sharpening and softening plug-in for Adobe Photoshop.

The new plug-in, called Asiva Sharpen+Soften, is the first in a series of plug-ins the company plans to release for Adobe Photoshop over the next few months. The Asiva Sharpen+Soften plug-in is based on SCGIis innovative Asiva technology, which allows variable and precise control over how any effect is applied to an image.

The plug-in (Mac-Classic/OSX) supports 8 or 16-bit, RGB or CMYK files. The user may choose to sharpen or soften on or more of these channels. In addition, HSL components may be selected for sharpening or softening. This provides precise control over not only the quality but also the quantity and distribution of sharpening or softening applied.

A built in Sampler Tool allows for the easy selection of a color range where sharpening or softening should occur, often eliminating complex masking. Asivais technology allows the user to generate natural looking results effortlessly.

You can find more information about the Asiva Sharpen+Soften plug-in at the Shapiro Consulting Group, Inc. Web site. Asiva Sharpen+Soften is available for US$69.00.