Shareware Image Editing App Updated

Norbyte Software has updated their shareware image editing application, Rainbow Painter, to version 2.0.0. Rainbow Painter offers users a wide array of basic image editing/drawing/painting tools, and the new version sports an improved interface. According to Norbyte:

Rainbow Painter is a unique painting and photo retouching program for the Macintosh.The unregistered version lets you try all features, with the exception of some effects and the export function.Any pictures you produce in the unregistered version are saved internally, and can be exported when you have registered.


  • Innovative design.
  • Unique user interface.
  • Letis you edit and view a picture in multiple windows simultaneously with individual magnifications and layer controls.
  • Up to 8 image layers with alpha/opacity channels.
  • More than 60 different effects and tools to use on your pictures.
  • Mask layer with special sets of tools and operations/effects.
  • Three different studios, where you may rearrange and add windows as you like.
  • Imports/exports Jpeg and PICT images, as well as a few other formats.

New image editing features:

  • New picture tools: iBackground Peni, iRGB Smeari.
  • New picture effects: iAlpha Fadei, iBox Palette Effecti (this effect can only be accessed thru the Box Palettes-see below).
  • New window contents: Three new palettes called iMy Colorsi, iMy Shadesi and iShade Palettei (iShadesi has been removed since itis obsolete).
  • iPen Color Adjusteri (click on the pen color displayed below the picture tools, to use this feature).

Rainbow Painter is available for US$25. You can find more information at the Rainbow Painter Web site.