Shawn King Is On The Air At His New Site

Shawn King is announcing he has set up shop at his new site. Your Mac Life is a internet radio show devoted to all things Mac related. His new site will feature Micheal Rubin of Peach Pit Press next week, tune in for prizes and giveaways. According to Shawn King:

Well Shawn King and Your Mac Life have moved into their new digs at The place looks good!

Sure, it needs a bit of paint and a touch up here and there, but for the time being, itis a lovely new spot to broadcast a radio show from.

Thatis right! Shawn King is back on the air in the same time slot heis been in for almost eight years now. Itis a new domain, a new look and feel but, fortunately or unfortunately, the same old Shawn. :-)

Next week, Shawn and Your Mac Life move to the usual QuickTime Streaming broadcast courtesy of the QuickTime Experts at Digital

Michael Rubin, author of The Little Digital Video Book from PeachPit Press, will be one of the Special Guests on the next show! Copies of his book will also be given away.

You can find more information about the show at Your Mac Life Web site.