Shogo: Mobile Armoured Division Released & In Reproduction

While it will most likely not make it to store shelves in time to stuff into stockings, Shogo: MAD is finished and in the process of reproduction and shipping. Titan Computing has been kind enough to polish up and ship the port of Shogo: Mobile Armored Division, developed by Monolith.

Shogo: MAD is a Japanese Animé styled first person shooter in which you play the role of the main character, Shogo. While it was released years ago, this title is still unique and most definitely worth taking a good look at. It plays like a traditional first person shooter [FPS] , but you also have the ability to stomp around certain missions in a large, fully decked out Mech of your choosing (hence the "Mobile Armor Division").

You can download the demo at MacGameFiles. You can find more information on the game at Titan Computingis Web site.