's 10 Worst Things About Apple

The fabled "Reality Distortion Field" of Apple CEO Steve Jobs -- his ability to convince people that his vision represents reality -- is the worst thing about Apple Inc., according to, a ZDNet publication. Seb Janacek compiled a list of what he termed the 10 worst things about Apple based on his observation of readers and forum member comments.

According to the article, the problem with the Reality Distortion Field is that many of things that Steve Jobs has claimed as being new or innovative have already been introduced in other products or technologies. In addition, Mr. Janacek wrote, the endless stream of products being cool or revolutionary is annoying.

He offered as an example Steve Jobsi claim that the original G4 iMac had "the most beautiful bottom of a computer Iive ever seen." We may be under the influence of the RDF, but from TMOis perspective, the thing that sets Apple apart from other computer or consumer-electronics companies is that someone with authority is even considering how the bottom half of a computer looks in the first place.

The list also criticized Appleis well-known propensity towards suing people, including its own fans such as blog writers, journalists from online news publications and rumor sites, and even its own employees (though the last group was not mentioned in the article).

Other topics listed include the iPod, style over substance, iPhone, arrogance, the use of "i" in front products, the use of DRM in iTunes downloads, the companyis environmental record (citing only Greenpeaceis criticism accusations that Apple isnit as green as it should be, ant making no mention of other public comments on Appleis environmental record), and what Mr. Janacek called "the lunatic fringe" of Apple fans that lash out at anyone criticizing the company.

A follow up article will list the to best things about Apple.