Silvamber Releases Mac Software For Travel Agents & Tour Operators

Silvamber Software has announced the release of TOURBOOKER PRO, a program designed for Tour Operators, Travel Agents, and Destination Managers. The software is shipping for both Mac and Windows, and includes a large feature list. According to Silvamber Software:

Silvamber Software LTD. of Elgin, IL today announced TOURBOOKER PRO, a cross platform (Mac/Win) software product especially designed for Tour Operators, Incoming Travel Agents and Destination Managers. Tour events are selected from an Itinerary Events catalog and Service Bookings are taken from the Suppliers Services file to match them into a complete Tour that produces fully customizable printable and faxable output of Itineraries, Service Bookings Request, Confirmations, Menu Lists, Vouchers, Cancellations etc.

The software manages all relevant price and quantity information. A spreadsheet is included for costs analysis. Rundowns show the effect of varying number of payable passengers on the price per Pax.

You can find more information and download links at the companyis Web site. That link includes a full list of the products features as well, as they are too numerous to include in this article. TOURBOOKER PRO lists for US$5995.00. The company offers a version that requires your own version of 4D for US$4995.00.