Sim Theme Park Demo Available

Did the screenshots from our story yesterday about Sim Theme Park have you drooling? If you have not seen them, take a look, as this games appears to be in a visual class by itself. And, just in time to kill some wasted holiday hours at work, you can now download the demo. According to AspyrL:

Build and manage your own theme park from the ground up. Choose bloodcurdling five-loop roller coasters, lava fountains or graveyards. Youire in charge. Dare your customers to come aboard. See for yourself. Risk your own nerves as you ride your own rides. Do you think your guest would like a little salt with their fries? Too much salt gets crowds thirsty. Too much sugar -kids get twitchy. Itis your job to manage every nuance of the park.

Pick from four entirely different themes: Space Zone, Lost Kingdom, Land of Wonders and Halloween. Explore fantastic rides, shops, and sideshows from the visitoris perspectives. Design your own rides using a simple and intuitive user interface. A helpful adviser will give you instant feedback to help you create a successful theme park.

You can download the Sim Theme Park demo from the MacUpdate web site, and find more information about the game at the Aspyr web site.