Sin Gold Updated to 1.1.2

The recently released Sin Gold has received itis requisite tune up, fixing many weird and wonderful bugs sprinkled throughout its code. For those of you who do not know what Sin is, here is a quick refresher. Sin is a Quake 2 engine game that was developed by Ritual Entertainment of God Games (Gathering of Developers) and was released a few years ago on the PC. Many years later, it was delivered to the Mac platform, courtesy of MacPlay. For those keeping score at home, Ritual is the company that brought us Heavy Metal Fakk2. Recently, the company split into two companies, one of which is called Mumbo Jumbo, a company devoted to Mac as well as PC. Mumbo Jumbo is currently working hard on Myth III: The Wolf Age.

Here are the issues addressed in the patch:

  • Cannot assign "USE" key in InputSprocket.
  • Launching SiN generates the following error message: "The Application "SiN" could not be opened, because "SiN" could not be found."
  • Game crashes when a movie plays on a multi monitor system, and one of the video cards is a 3dfx Voodoo card.
  • Game crashes with a type 12 error on video card/monitor configs that donit support gamma (Voodoo 3/5 with the Apple 15" display).
  • If Extensions folder is not called "Extensions" (as in some localized versions of MacOS), SiN couldnit find the Indeo plug in.
  • SiN crashes intermittently with a "Type 2" error.
  • Pulse Rifle in Wages of SiN displayed incorrectly.
  • When logging into a server that has a map that you donit have. SiN will begins downloading the map, then gives a "Rename Failed" error.
  • Video Option menu in Wages of SiN fixed.
  • After winning Wages of SiN, video mode defaults to 1024x768.
  • Saved games from Wages of SiN conflicting with SiN saved games.
  • When selecting a video mode larger than your desktop mode, a window is created that only contains a portion of the game screen.
  • When playing Capture the Flag from GameRanger, the HUD displays improperly.
  • General issues handling multi-monitor systems.
  • Display cards that donit support 8 bit modes can not be used.
  • When using a non-English localized version of InputSprocket, the Arrow keys, escape key and return key donit work.

If you have not tried the demo for Sin yet, you can download it from The patch is available for download at