Site For Cocoa Developers Launches

There is a new resource available for developers using Mac OS Xis Cocoa environment. CocoaDevCentral offers one-stop shopping for developers that are interested in learning the ins and outs of the latest and greatest development environment. According to CocoaDevCentral:

Mac OS X, unlike any Mac OS before it, is a big step for Apple... and weire not just talking about the Unix core or the Aqua GUI. For the first time in history, Apple is giving everyone access to a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment. With Cocoa, full-fledged Mac software comes to the masses? If you think REALBasic is great... just wait until you see Cocoa.

Cocoa Dev Central (.com) is a new site that is geared towards newbie Cocoa developers. Weill regularly post tutorials, news, Q&Ais;, and more, all with the goal of easing people into Cocoa development in both Objective-C and Java.

Cocoa Dev Central is free of banner advertising and will remain that way. Though we have a "staff" we will eagerly accept submissions for publication.

You can find more information, and learn about Appleis Cocoa programming environment, at the CocoaDevCentral Web site.

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