Site Offers Fictional Writing To Cover Major Computer Industry Players

A new site dedicated to covering the computer industry, and especially Apple, via creative, fictional short stories has launched. offers insight to the history of Apple and the computer industry through a series of anecdotal stories. According to Appledale:

Appledale Publishing announces today the launching of itis Web site, - a unique collection of anecdotal stories, chronicling the people and companies involved in the Computer Industry.

The theme of revolves around a small, vibrant, country town with a rich history, colorful community members, and enigmatic ties to Apple. Each story or iAppleTalei is written to explore this relationship, past and present.

Drawing their inspiration from Appleis colorful and sometimes controversial past, the writers have skillfully woven notable personalities and memorable events with the everyday rural life of an applegrowin community. Adding to the charm, iAppleTalesi are written in a idown homei country style, complete with colloquial spelling and grammar.

Editor Linden Coles refers to as a diversion from the large Mac news sites. He describes the content of as an informative, entertaining, and sometimes irreverent look at the Computer Industry.

Linden, a staunch supporter of the Mac platform contends, "The Macintosh community has always prided itself on itis individuality, creativity, and generosity. This is evident by all the great MUGs and Web sites serving the Mac user. Our hope is that we can make a small contribution to this tradition."

Linden assures visitors that will continue to provide new iAppleTalesi on a regular basis and encourages them to express themselves on iThe Walli. He adds, "We have other projects under development, that will be added to the site as available."

You can find more information on this unique site at the Appledale web site.