Slanted Report Touts Dell's Assault On Apple's Education Sales

Bloomberg has published a "report" on Dellis assault on Appleis education sales. The education market has long been a strong point for Apple, and the company has held the #1 spot until this late last year. At that time, Dell overtook Apple when Apple poorly executed a transition in its education sales structure. The Bloomberg report includes a couple of quotes from Dell co-President Kevin Rollins:

Dell, which uses Intelis chips and Microsoftis Windows operating system, is confident it will retain the lead over Apple among U.S. schools because teachers want to train students on systems theyill most likely use when they go to work, Rollins said.

"Apple has a tough road," Rollins said. "When these organizations switch to an Intel platform, they donit go back. You just donit see people switch back to an Apple platform after they have left. More and more are migrating to Intel, and Dell is winning the lionis share of that business."

Apple executives werenit immediately available to comment.

The article also mentions some of Appleis recent efforts to shore up their education efforts. There is more information in the full article.