Slideshows, Tiger-style

Mac OS X 10.4, Tiger, makes previewing images as a slideshow super-easy, no extra software required. Hereis how:

  • Start by selecting a group of images you want to view.
  • Control-click on one of the images, and select Slideshow from the pop-up menu.

Control-click a group of images to start a slideshow.

Each of the images will automatically display one after the other against a black background. When you are finished viewing your impromptu slideshow, just press the Escape key to return to the Finder.

Slideshow in action.

Tigeris built-in Slideshow also hides a few useful features. Just move your mouse while viewing a slideshow to reveal its hidden controls. From there you can move forward or backwards though images, pause the slideshow, display an index sheet with all of the images in your slideshow, view images in full-screen mode, and even add images to iPhoto.

Use your mouse to display Slideshowis controls.

I use Tigeris Slideshow feature whenever I need to quickly view a collection of images someone has given me since I donit have to first add them to iPhoto, or open them with another application like Preview or Adobe Photoshop. Itis a great time saver, and it also makes for a great presentation tool when you want someone else to review several images without on-screen distractions.

[Thanks to Jay Nelson and Design Tools Monthly for sharing this tip.]

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