SmartWrap Gets An Intelligent Upgrade

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC has released an updated version of itis text wrapping program SmartWrap. SmartWrap 2.0 has many new features and can be used on OS X and later versions. According to Selznick Scientific Software, LLC:

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC is very pleased to announce an upgrade for SmartWrap(tm) to Version 2.0 for MacOS 8, 9 and X. SmartWrap(tm) 2.0 offers an incredible array of features not available in any previous version.

New Features for version 2.0:

  • An all new SmartWrap(tm) Text Service for MacOS X works great in TextEdit and Mail.
  • A completely new preferences panel provides loads of options to help you control the format of SmartWrapped text.
  • All of SmartWrapis modules, including those for Eudora, BBEdit, AppleScript, Preditor, SmartWrap(tm) the Clipboard, and the MacOS X Text Service have been upgraded to take advantage of all of these wonderful features whether youire running MacOS 8, 9 or X!
  • SmartWrap(tm) detection of lists has been significantly improved for better wrapping.
  • SmartWrap(tm) the Clipboard opens a new window every time it is double clicked, so you can view more than one clipboard at a time.
  • Rudimentary editing capabilities have been added to SmartWrap(tm) the Clipboard.
  • A new Scripting Addition allows users of MacOS X to SmartWrap(tm) their text from a MacOS X AppleScript with lots of new options.

You can find more information about SmartWrap at the Selznick Scientific Software, LLC Web site. SmartWrap is available for US$18.00.